About Vitalizers


Ours vitalizer are often used to optimize the quality of water and / or oxygen. In addition to private individuals, our vitalizers are used by various industries. Read more about this below.

How does a vitalizer work?

There are different ways to explain how a vitalizer works. We didn’t get an exact description but we’ve had a lot of conversation with different people, how to describe this.
Below what we think is a good description about the working of our vitalizers.

When looking at the effect of a vitalizer, the principle is based on the magnetic charge and the effect of and between atoms.

Water (H2O) is an example of a substance with a dipole. H atoms are positively charged while an O atom has a min charge. The O atom attracts the H’s electrons. A polar atom bond is created which gives a molecule that is slightly positively charged on one side and slightly negative on the other. These polar atomic bonds act as small magnets that attract other dipole molecules and a chain structure can be formed.

These vitalizers are made of stainless steel 316 which is an alloy of mainly iron, chromium, nickel and carbon. These elements also consist of atoms, each with its own magnetic charge.

Water that flows through a vitalizer reacts to the different magnetic fields of the elements present in a vitalizer. This also explains that it is possible to develop specific vitalizers by adding extra elements.


Vitalisers are in different sizes and types. It is for everyone to choose based on, among other things, the desired application and budget. Energy Flows offers vitalisers and related products where we have good experiences. That means positive experiences and feedback that we have received.

Feedback comes from various angles, as vitalisers can be used very differently, ranging from:

  • applications in and around homes
  • (koi) ponds, bonsai
  • travelling
  • farms
  • agriculture and horticulture

In addition to our experience with vitalisers and their effects, we offer you maintenance-free vitalisers so you only have the acquisition of buying a vitaliser once.

What would you buy a vitaliser for?

As written above: vitalisers are generally purchased to optimize the quality of water, air or solids. This can be done for applications in and around the house, but also for companies or (koi)ponds.

For example, improve air quality at (farm) companies or optimize oxygen through an air pump in a pond. Your fish will love you for putting a vitaliser on your pond.

The (International) Koi shows in the Netherlands and Belgium – Oldenzaal, Arcen and Hasselt use our vitalizers for many years. Last year, 2018, we were asked to ‘vitalize’ the water for the koi’s at the koi show in Lille. Something we are very proud of.

Koi Show Hasselt 2018


  • without additional measures, keep the water quality of (stationary) water in, for example, water reservoirs fresher, less legionella or other bacteria
  • the absorbability of water is increased in all areas, by experiencing many people as “softer” of taste
  • lime is better absorbed in vital water, resulting in a decrease of lime deposit and the use of anti-lime products can be minimized

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits we have gained experiences from people:

  • one felt better, more energy and less tired
  • improved the quality of skin, hair and nails
  • oversem and other skin conditions are reduced and in some cases even completely gone
pict water-air

So far, we have wonderful beautiful and positive experiences, which makes us even more convinced of the possibilities of infinite possibilities.